Police Probe Homicide At Marigot – A Resident Heard Gunshots After Midnight

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Police say they are investigating a homicide at Marigot following the discovery of the body of a male individual on Monday around 1:00 pm.

A relative identified the deceased as Kieran Francois, who was in his early forties.

He was found motionless on a bed with spent shells close to the body.

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A Marigot resident who lives nearby reported hearing gunshots after midnight Sunday night.

The death has relatives in a state of shock, trying to determine a possible motive for the homicide.

“I know people usually say ‘He was a good boy’, but he was a good person,” a close family member told St Lucia Times.

According to the family member, the deceased would not be on the road hanging out with other males after work but would either go fishing or stay at home.

The relative said Kieran also liked working on computers and fixing mobile telephones.

“It is puzzling that someone would do that, and it hurts,” the family member stated while expressing that had there been a conflict with anyone, they could have resolved it amicably because the deceased was a ‘reasonable’ individual.

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