Police Lay Charges After Report Of Parent Assaulting Augier Combined Teacher – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Vieux Fort police investigating a report of threats by a parent against a teacher and assault at the Augier Combined school, arrested a suspect last week.

Law enforcement officials have identified him as Kervin Charles and disclosed that he is due to appear in court Wednesday in Vieux Fort.

According to the officials, investigators charged Charles with making threats, assaulting a male teacher at the learning institution, and contravening the education act.

The development follows an incident at the Augier Combined where according to reports, the school’s Physical Education teacher admonished a student involved in a tussle with another student.

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The student left, and returned with his parent through the back gate.

It is alleged that cursing and carrying on in the presence of students, the parent slapped the teacher on the hand and challenged him to a fight, declaring that he had nothing to lose.

The parent also allegedly threatened to stab the teacher, who said the incident traumatised him.

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