Police Commissioner Cautions Against Life-Threatening Excesses – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius has cautioned citizens against life-threatening excesses during festive season celebrations.

Descartes-Pelius implored her compatriots to enjoy themselves responsibly.

“In your merriment, may there be no excesses that endanger the lives of others and that of your own,” the Police Commissioner said in a Christmas message.

She acknowledged that alcohol consumption is a key traditional element at this time.

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Nevertheless, Descartes-Pelius advised moderate consumption and assigning designated drivers.

In addition, she urged people to turn away from situations in which their anger would get the better of them.

She urged citizens to remove themselves from an environment where someone asks them to be an accomplice to a crime.

“Choose to surround yourself with more productive company,” Descartes-Pelius asserted.

She declared that if everyone played their part, 2023 would end without incident.

The Commissioner also thanked police officers for their service.

“Often, our jobs may be regarded as thankless. But I appreciate every effort you have made and every opportunity you have taken to maintain law and order and bring about peace in our communities,” she explained.

“I know the struggle it has been, but thank you,” Descartes-Pelius stated.

She recalled that although there had been significant losses in death due to crime, misadventure, road fatalities, drownings, and other unforeseen events, the ability to celebrate another festive season existed.

“As the year draws to an end, let us reflect on the many blessings that have enabled us to be here today,” Descartes-Pelius said.

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