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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has highlighted a tendency for people to focus on bad news, mainly crime, in an interview on Monday with reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet.

The Castries East MP spoke in response to a question about his constituency’s recent 14th Annual Honouring Ceremony and Maths Quiz.

After describing the event as ‘very uplifting’ he highlighted people’s penchant for the bad news.

” Most of us concentrate on the bad news. Crime, crime, crime, crime – the bad news. It’s sensational. It’s nice – we want to say about it and we say ‘Oh, the sky is falling.’ No. The sky is not falling,” Pierre asserted.

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On the other hand, the Prime Minister declared that Saint Lucia is on the trajectory of progress.

He explained that the government is trying its best to improve the lives of everyone.

“Very simple things. When I was an MP the last time I got nothing for educational allowance. The two (opposition) MPs have got,” Pierre stated.

“The quiz, these children were chosen strictly by meritocracy – absolutely no political interference. Meritocracy – they were good in maths. We honoured them and every child who came first in the constituency in my schools got a tablet. The winner of the Maths Quiz got a laptop computer, school supplies, and a monetary contribution,” the Castries East MP stated.

“Meritocracy and trying to tell our children even though you are from Castries East you can do well and they are doing well,” Pierre said.

Asked what it meant to him to assist the children with their education, he indicated it was his pleasure to do so.

“That’s what I do. I have been doing that all my life. I just don’t publicise it,” Pierre disclosed.

“I give kids several things all the time. This is why some people wonder ‘How come you have won six times?’ I’ll tell you I can win seven and eight times because I deal with the people and regardless of all the propaganda,” he declared.

Pierre said he is not perfect, but the people know what he does for them and together they aspire to make Saint Lucia a better place.

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