Pierre Calls For Unity, Sacrifices, And An End To Petty Politics Amid Crisis – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that it makes no sense to play politics with the current tying times because nobody will benefit, has called for unity, sacrifices, and an end to petty politics amid a world in crisis.

Addressing the Banana Expo 2022 launch on Friday, Pierre declared that the Russia-Ukraine war is worsening.

“As it gets worse commodity prices are going to increase and as commodity prices increase, fuel prices are going to get higher and as fuel prices get higher we as a country have to make some sort of sacrifices,” the Minister of Finance explained.

“It is not an internal problem It is not a problem caused by anything we do internally. It’s a problem caused by factors that we have absolutely no control over and there’s not one living human being that can tell me what they can do to avoid what is happening now in the world,” the Castries East MP told his audience.

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“ So I want the people of Saint Lucia to understand that we have to make a conscious effort to begin to plant our food for us to eat,” Pierre stated.

He observed that already there are shortages of rice.

And Pierre expressed that there would be more significant wheat shortages because the two biggest producers were at war.

He called on citizens to try to plant something in their backyards, carpool, conserve electricity and water, including harvesting rainwater, and see what they can do with things produced locally.

Pierre also reiterated the government’s support for the banana industry, writing later on his official Facebook page that he looked forward to the sustainable development of the industry and the opportunities for global consumption.

“We will continue to provide assistance to farmers and entrepreneurs, especially in developing value added products for domestic consumption and export,” the Prime Minister said.

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