Overseas-Based Saint Lucian Ambushed, Robbed By Gunmen – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Masked gunmen ambushed an overseas-based Saint Lucian on his way to the airport after vacationing on the Island, relieving him of cash and valuables.

The victim lives in the United States.

The robbery occurred Sunday before noon on the Derniere Riviere road, Dennery.

According to reports, the man, whom we will call John Doe for easy reference, was driving a vehicle belonging to another individual.

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Doe, with his traveling bags in the vehicle, was on his way to pick up the vehicle owner, who would have driven him to the airport.

However, someone familiar with the incident told St. Lucia Times that while driving, Doe noticed a fast-moving vehicle behind him blaring its horns.

He assumed there was an emergency and pulled aside to let the vehicle pass.

But when the vehicle passed, it reversed into his, and three masked gunmen emerged demanding ‘the money’.

They were aware that he had cash on him.

The gunmen forced him to lie down on the road and made off with his cash, valuables, and his traveling bags, which were inside the Honda SUV.

A photo of the stolen Honda has appeared on social media, requesting anyone with information to call the nearest police station.

Police are reported to have recovered some of the victim’s traveling bags which the bandits discarded.

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