Over 1300 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized Off Martinique – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Law enforcement authorities seized 1,328 kilos of cocaine on a sailboat flying the Spanish flag off Martinique last week.

Local news reports described the seizure as a record for this year.

Martinique France-Antilles said the Dumont D’Urville intercepted the suspicious sailboat and 47 bundles on board tested positive for cocaine.

The three crew members, the cargo and the sailboat were brought back to the Martinique capital, Fort-de-France.

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The latest drug bust was the seventh this year for the French forces in the Caribbean.

So far they have seized more than one ton of cannabis and 2.4 tons of cocaine.

In an unusual encounter at sea in July, French authorities arrested two Bulgarian nationals, who set their cocaine cargo on fire East of the Lesser Antilles.

But crew members from the French Navy vessel Germinal managed to put out the fire and confiscate 310 kilos of cocaine which the flames had not consumed.

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