Normalcy returns to Dominica after heavy rains flood entire town


A scene in Portsmouth after floodwaters subsided. * Facebook

(SNO) — Authorities in Dominica are reporting that things are back to normal on Monday after heavy rains over the weekend affected the island and flooded the entire town of Portsmouth, causing residents to evacuate in certain areas.

The Dominica Meteorological Service said that over four inches of rain plummeted Dominica on Saturday, triggering flooding, landslides and falling rocks across the island.

However, it appears as if the northern and interior parts of Dominica were more severely affected.

“The entire town of Portsmouth was flooded,” Deputy Prime Minister, Reginald Austrie, told state-owned DBS Radio on Monday morning.

He pointed out that things are returning to normal.

He stated that a number of roads across the island were affected and officials toured the island on Sunday to assess damage.

“As I understand it, that it appears to me the town of Portsmouth received the heaviest impact because of the flooding,” he remarked.

He explained this happened because the North River, and other rivers in the area, was blocked by debris.

“The river overflowed its banks and was threatening residents on both sides of the river,” Austrie said, adding that some residents of the area had to be evacuated.

He thanked firefighters and other emergency personnel for assisting in what he described as “a rescue mission”.

Austrie said all roads across the island are now cleared.



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