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Last week, Home Affairs Minister Jeremiah Norbert paid his first official visit  since his appointment to the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) to better understand its operations.

The Minister promised to continue ensuring the BCF officers get more resources to perform their duties adequately.

Norbert  also discussed further infrastructural and human resource development.

In addition, the talks delved into the efforts to accelerate the pace of justice and the ongoing commitment to reintegrate inmates into society..According to available statistics, two out of every five inmates the BCF releases return to the facility.

“All in all, the discussions were insightful and fruitful, and I will update you on some of the interventions we will make to assist,” Norbert wrote on Facebook regarding his BCF visit.

Just this week, the St. Lucia Correctional Services Welfare Association announced that BCF officers were better prepared to perform their duties.

The association disclosed that the officers received equipment promised by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

Over the past few months, the BCF has received firearms, bulletproof vests, radios, and vehicles, among other tools.

In a July 25, 2023 letter to the Prime Minister, the association had raised several unresolved issues.

They included promotions, vacation days entitlement, a request for two four-door vans, and payment of the accidental death, disability, and pension plan that was in default.

The BCF has received one of the vans the association requested.

However, discussions regarding the other matters are ongoing.

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