‘No Comment’ From SLFA As Sabina Charles-Kirton Withdraws From Election – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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With immediate effect, Mrs. Sabina Charles-Kirton has withdrawn her candidacy for President of the Saint Lucia Football Association (SLFA) .

The announcement came in a statement on her behalf.

In response, the SLFA told St Lucia Times it would ‘make no comment at this point in time’.

Charles-Kirton’s complete statement appears below:

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Please note that Mrs. Sabina Charles Kirton on Saturday 4th February 2023 being present at the 36th congress held at Bay Garden Hotel, has withdrawn her candidacy for President of the Saint Lucia Football Association with immediate effect.

This heart wrenching but prudent decision was taken on the grounds that the SLFA elections on the said day were improperly constituted for the following reasons:

The election procedures being followed are not valid. They were not ratified by congress.The executive committee leading into this election is constitutionally null and void.The elections for several leagues have been constitutionally due before the scheduled 04 February 2023 SLFA elections and as such, several of the league presidents who are expected to vote, are themselves not legitimate.

Participation in these elections therefore would only serve as an attempt to validate these elections.

Consequently, Mrs. Charles Kirton will not be part of a process that is fundamentally against the governing constitution of the SLFA, and the principles espoused by FIFA. The process used to administer these elections are inherently flawed and the conduct of the committee running these elections goes against the moral code of FIFA.

Ultimately Mrs. Charles Kirton’s campaign was run on the principles of integrity, accountability, and transparency. In this regard, adherence to the Constitution is paramount.

Once FIFA confirmed by letter of 02 February 2023 that the 2012 constitution is the legitimate constitution of the SLFA, it immediately became clear that the existing SLFA executive was illegitimate and as such, they did not have the legality to call an election, thus Mrs. Charles Kirton’s withdrawal from the process.

It is also important to understand that writing to the SLFA and the elections committee prior to the elections to announce a withdrawal would not have afforded Mrs. Charles Kirton an audience or a platform to express these very important constitutional matters to the general body.

The convening of the general body was therefore an essential opportunity to bring to light the several irregularities which are being perpetuated at the SLFA. Mrs. Charles Kirton has also indicated that she will be challenging the legality of the same elections and by extension, the legitimacy of the SLFA executive.

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