No $10M allocation but education dept. still prepared for school term: officials


By GIS The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced government revenues, affecting budgets for all departments and agencies. Consequently, the Ministry of Education has not received the $10 million allocation, as it did for the 2019/2020 academic year. Nevertheless, officials say the physical needs of the 73 primary schools and 26 secondary schools on island have not been ignored. Chief Education Officer, Dr. Fiona Phillip Mayer, said schools are undergoing rehabilitation works, which include the installation of additional hand washing stations and sanitizing dispensers. These form a critical part of health guidelines for the safe reopening of schools.
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2000 St. Lucian tourism employees back at work: officials

By GIS The impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector has been devastating, with some 14,000 Saint Lucians who earn their livelihoods from the travel and hospitality sectors out of work. Recently, the tourism and hospitality sector has been slowly coming to life following a decision to re-open the borders […]