NGP Leader Warns Of ‘Potentially Dangerous Development’ At WHO – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) leader has warned of a ‘potentially dangerous development’ at the World Health Organization (WHO) and has urged local officials, including Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, to take note.

On Wednesday, Andre de Caires noted that members of the WHO have been meeting to discuss how better to deal with future pandemics.

The NGP leader observed that WHO members held their first round of talks on February 24th this year.

And he stated that in December 2021, the World Health Assembly decided to start a global process to draft a pandemic treaty.

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“Article 19 of the constitution of the WHO gives the body the authority to adopt conventions or agreements on matters of health,” de Caires stated.

He added that a two-thirds majority would allow the adoption of such conventions or agreements, with the first treaty draft due for presentation on August 1.

“This is a extremely concerning development that will affect every human on the planet as it will give this undemocratically elected body the power to mandate and institute regulations such as lockdowns and vaccinations over all 194 sovereign nations of the world,” de Caires declared.

“After observing how poorly the response has been by these health authorities, who have constantly been shifting the goalposts and the narrative to suit their agenda, it is frightening to consider how much power these people will have over our lives and bodily autonomy in the future,” he asserted.

“Our individual freedoms are at stake. Now Dr. Bill Gates is suggesting a shot every six months. Where will this end?”

The NGP leader said his party was highlighting ‘this serious development’ to the people of Saint Lucia.

He also said the party was urging the Chief Medical Officer, the Ministry of Health, the Medical and Dental Association, and the Prime Minister to take the potentially dangerous development seriously and consider the upcoming vote on the initiative.

” This is a wake-up call,” de Caires explained as he called on Saint Lucians to do their own investigation.

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