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With SaskTel International’s Service and Resource Inventory and Order Management solution, communication service providers can optimize fulfillment processes to leverage networks to their full capacity and keep an edge up on competition.

REGINA, Saskatchewan, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – SaskTel International (SI), a leading-edge communications software and services solution provider, has recently announced the release of a new Service and Resource Inventory and Order Management solution for wireline communications networks. The application comes in response to the elusive pursuit of communication service providers (CSPs) to drive efficiencies, identify cost savings and optimize the delivery of services over their existing networks.

The communications industry is rapidly evolving. Exponential growth in data consumption is the new reality as forecasts project that broadband traffic over fixed networks will increase at a rate of approximately 50%, year over year. As CSPs look to deliver an enhanced quality of service and customer experience to an ever demanding customer base, both their networks and the applications used to manage and maintain service fulfillment must keep pace. Legacy systems cannot optimally handle the new services, devices and increased modernization and complexity of today’s networks.. Robust and scalable applications, such as SI’s new inventory and order management solution, have become a necessity as CSPs look to remain competitive and viable in the future.

SaskTel, a large tier II North American CSP, has already begun implementation of the new solution. “The new market has dictated that CSP’s must transform the way they deliver and manage services,” said Ron Styles, SaskTel’s President and CEO. “In today’s competitive market, those who cannot deliver to customer demand risk losing business to competitors that can”. The new solution enables CSPs to enhance the delivery of their mission critical services over both copper and fiber-based networks. CSPs are empowered to seamlessly manage flow-through provisioning and assignment activity, as well as gain accurate visibility through end-to-end inventories of their networks.

SI’s application suite, including the new inventory and order management application, utilizes the latest Java-based technologies and is built with the expertise that comes with SI’s successful 25+ years of experience delivering solutions to the communications industry. Furthermore, through alignment with industry frameworks, best practices and standards, SI applications enable a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration. Standards such as the Telemanagement (TM) Forum Frameworx model play an essential role in defining the business processes, functional areas and integration methods leveraged by SI’s application suite.

For CSPs, this translates into lower operating costs, increased portability, enhanced scalability and simplified integration with other applications. Most of all, the new solution supports the ability to optimize service delivery over the next generation networks of today and the future, enabling CSPs to position themselves ahead of the competition and technology curve. When supplemented with SI’s broader portfolio of fulfillment and assurance operation support system (OSS) software, CSPs can realize new levels of efficiencies and cost reduction while driving an enhanced quality of service and customer experience.

The new solution marks an important stride forward in optimizing the way that CSPs fulfill services in times of increased complexity and customer expectation. Through these times of uncertainty, SI will continue to lead the way in delivering world class applications and solutions that support CSPs through their continued transformation.

About SaskTel International:

SaskTel International (SI) was established in 1986 as a subsidiary of SaskTel, a multi-service communications service provider with over a century of successful operating experience. SI leverages the expertise, industry firsts, lessons-learned, and resources of SaskTel to market leading-edge software solutions and professional services for service providers worldwide.

As a full solutions provider, SI offers service fulfillment and assurance software products along with services such as consulting, design and deployment, support, system integration, managed services, certification, software development, resourcing, and training. SI solution deployments have supported service providers in over 40 countries and 6 continents to envision and deliver a more connected world.

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