New York Looking To Hire ‘Somewhat Bloodthirsty’ Rodent Czar – St. Lucia Times

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New York City, overrun by rats, has advertised for a ‘somewhat bloodthirty’ Director of Rodent Mitigation, not opposed to the wholesale slaughter of the pests.

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration wants an individual with ‘a general aura of badassery’ to lead the City’s anti-rodent fight.

The wage range for the position is between $120,000 and $170,000 a year.

The rats survived a multimillion-dollar extermination effort under former mayor Bill de Blasio.

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According to US media reports, New York communities that did not have rat problems before the COVID-19 pandemic are currently experiencing a rodent invasion.

“It’s too many of them. They are big and they are all over the place,” one resident observed.

“They eat everything,” another New York resident told Fox 5 News.

Some have blamed outdoor dining structures for the rat population increase, while others have fingered indiscriminate garbage disposal and trash piled up on sidewalks on garbage collection days.

New York’s Deputy Mayor Meera Josh has said that containerisation throughout the City is the ultimate goal in addressing the garbage problem.

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