NCOPT President Welcomes ‘Year For Infrastructure’ – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, has welcomed Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s declaration that 2024 would be the Year for Infrastructure, including roads.

Adding to the declaration, Pierre said in a New Year’s address that his administration would allocate ‘significant technical and financial resources’ to road rehabilitation and construction.

The NCOPT President expressed that attention to the roads would bring relief to the traveling public and minibus operators.

Ferdinand told St. Lucia Times the operators would love to get all the roads fixed.

He said that would  minimise operational costs and improve public transport service to some communities.

However, the NCOPT President hoped the weather would facilitate the road rehabilitation and reconstruction.

“If it’s raining heavily definitely, it will delay some of the road construction,” Ferdinand explained.

He recalled that NCOPT members have been complaining daily about the expenditure on replacing vehicle parts damaged due to the poor state of the roads.

“It has affected our cost of operations. We have the cost of fuel, we’ve got the cost of parts, and we’ve got road conditions. That affects us a lot,” Ferdinand told St. Lucia Times.

Last week, as road maintenance work started in the North of the Island, the Ministry of Infrastructure declared that the promised government focus on Infrastructure, including roads, schools, and hospitals, was well underway.