Mushroom Production Workshop Targets Young Entrepreneurs – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Mushroom Collective recently hosted a mushroom workshop, which in part targeted vulnerable young males.

The Taiwan ICDF initiative funded the initiative.

With mushrooms in demand for their nutritional value, young, vulnerable males and students keen on earning a livelihood through agro-entrepreneurship completed a comprehensive program on the rudiments of mushroom production.

Under the Increasing Employment Opportunities Program coordinated through the Agro-Business Mushroom Production project, the training session involved tutorship forBoys Training Centre wards, students from the Centre for Adolescent Renewal and Education (CARE) and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC).

The workshop covered theoretical and practical aspects, including mushroom biology, culture and spawn production, food preparation, harvesting, processing, food safety andoptimal growing conditions.

Head of the Department for Agro-Entrepreneurship and Climate Smart Agriculture at the SALCC, Dr. Catherine Mc. Caan noted that the hands-on experience in the field allowed the students to apply the knowledge.

“What we see here is an opportunity for the students to obtain some training in the production of a commodity, which we know there is a demand for in Saint Lucia,” said Dr. Mc Caan.

The SALCC tutor said students could use the farm at the SALCC compound to develop their skills and knowledge to become entrepreneurs later.

Deputy Director of Agricultural Services, Kemal Jn. Baptiste said the overall objective of the workshop was to empower the young men with skills necessary to replicate their learning,paving the way for them to embark on entrepreneurial ventures in the future.

According to ministry officials, with a clear vision and dedication, the increasing Employment Opportunities for Vulnerable Young Males in Saint Lucia, through the Agro-Business Mushroom Production initiative aims to train Fifty vulnerable young males by this March.