MTW advises drivers to ‘exercise care’; road works ongoing Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources advises the travelling public to be take note of the following road works between November 28 to December 2:

Belle Road, St Michael – road partially open Carmichael Road, St George – excavation, NO ACCESS DAY OR NIGHT Crane Roundabout to Sam’s Lord Castle, St Philip – curb installation Lears to Jackman’s, St Michael – road closed, NO ACCESS DAY OR NIGHT Shorey Village, St Andrew – excavation continues Searles Roundabout, Christ Church to Wynter Crawford Roundabout, Six Roads, St. Philip – concrete works for curb and slipper

Ongoing road works

St Joseph/St Andrew – The temporary road at Bawden’s has reopened; reconstruction of Bawden’s Bridge will be proceeding. Repairs on the broken culvert and collapsed road in Belleplaine will continue; half of the road is passable and motorists are urged to be cautious. The gabion project at Trio Path continues; a retaining wall is being constructed in Chalky Mount, and work on the footpath at Belleplaine is ongoing.

St John – Mill stuff will be laid along marl tracks in College Savannah. A curb and several headwalls are being rebuilt in Church View and New Castle. Work on rock bluff cutting and a footpath at Small Town remains on hold.

St George – The rock bluff at Jordan’s/Workman’s junction is being cut to widen the road and improve visibility; the road has been reduced to one lane. Construction of a concrete drain is ongoing at Dash Valley, and the road surface at Good Intent, Ellerton is to be reinstated.

St Philip – Road construction continues at Brereton No. 2, and work continues on a manhole at Lowland. De-bushing will also be conducted throughout districts. The culvert at Leadvale and headwall at Lowlands have been finished.

St Peter – Construction of a concrete footpath and manholes continue at Six Men’s. Work on Phase 2 of Date Tree Hill remains on hold.

St James – A crew will continue to make repairs to storm water grills, manholes, and footpaths along Highway 1.

St Michael & Christ Church – Pot-hole patching, clearing of outfall drains, de-bushing, and routine maintenance are expected to continue throughout districts

St Thomas – De-bushing and drainage works will be conducted throughout the parish

St Lucy -Road construction continues at Lowlands; de-bushing will be conducted throughout districts.

MTWW advises pedestrians and motorists to obey traffic wardens, pay attention to signs, and exercise due care and attention when traversing work sites.