Monkeypox: Nigeria Bans Bushmeat To Prevent Virus Spread – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The animals that can pass on the virus are infected rodents, including rats and squirrels. According to health experts, this can happen if someone is bitten or touches an infected animal.

Bushmeat refers to any wild animal that is killed for consumption, including antelopes, chimpanzees, fruit bats, rats, porcupines and snakes.

In some remote areas of Nigeria it is a vital source of food, while in others it has become a delicacy.

There are many bushmeat markets in Nigeria and it is unclear how the ban will be implemented.

The ministry of agriculture also directed vets and its other officials to increase surveillance aimed at detecting any possible cases of monkeypox in animals.

Operators of zoos, parks, conservation areas and recreational centres were reminded to make sure there was no contact between animals and humans

Source: BBC News