Minister, Bakers’ Association Respond To Concern Over Weight, Price Of Bread – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Consumer Affairs Minister Emma Hippolyte and the Vice President of the Bakers’ Association have both responded to reports of consumer dissatisfaction over increased prices for bread of reduced weight.

Hippolyte, also responsible for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, and Cooperatives, told reporters her Ministry was working with the Bureau of Standards to weigh the bread.

But she explained that not all bread is price controlled, only large and small pan loaves and creole bread.

“The bread that is controlled bread, our team would actually weigh it to ensure that the consumer receives the right weight. But it is an issue that I have heard and when we have our regular meetings with the bakers’ association, it is an issue that we will bring to their attention,” the Minister said.

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Meanwhile, the Bakers’ Association explained that consumers who believe a bakery is unfair to them regarding bread weight and price could lodge a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Department.

“In years gone by it used to be the Price Control Department,” Vice President Sylvia Cadasse told St Lucia Times.

She noted that the department could, with the bakery’s consent, weigh any product.

“They have the weight – they know what the weight is pre-baked and after, taking into consideration shrinkage and other factors,” Cadasse stated.

“I don’t see what the issue is,” she declared.

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