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Despite complaints about the heat and a warning from the Chief Medical Officer to Saint Lucians to protect themselves from heat-related illnesses, the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services says the Island has not been experiencing record temperatures.

Meteorological Services Director Andre Joyeux observed that there is a heatwave in the United States and most people would associate it with the local situation.

But Joyeux explained that Saint Lucia’s temperature readings do not reflect excessive heat.

“The most we have gotten so far is 32 degrees Celsius,” he disclosed.

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However, the Meteorological Services Director recalled  that Saint Lucia recorded 34 degrees in 1973.

“So this time around it’s not as hot as before,” Joyeux told St Lucia Times.

“What is happening right now is the early morning – it gets hotter very early. From seven, eight, you already have 31 degrees Celsius,” he noted.

“The temperature we record is the air temperature,” he noted, adding that direct sunlight is not recorded.

Joyeux told St Lucia Times that due to infrastructural developments concrete structures and roads capture and radiate heat, creating a hotter environment.

As a result, he advised people to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

However, he indicated that the current situation does not require a severe heat warning.

“If we get to thirty-three degrees that is something we hardly see and then we could put out a severe heat warning,” Joyeux told St Lucia Times.

According to the Meteorological Services Director, the hurricane season coincides with a period of hotter temperatures.

“One of the issues was that we had a number of systems in the area around last week coming into this week,” he observed.

In addition, Joyeux said currently a system is North East of Saint Lucia and will pull moisture, resulting in very humid conditions and less cloud cover.

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