Mary Francis Wants Tough New Legislation To Address Noise Pollution – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Attorney at Law Mary Francis has called on the Government to introduce tough, comprehensive new legislation to address noise pollution.

Complaints from Rodney Bay residents about loud music from entertainment venues in the community recently made news headlines.

The National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights Coordinator Mary Francis declared that noise pollution is a public health issue, affecting well-being and mental wellness.

The outspoken human rights advocate said appropriate legislation should address the situation where people convert their homes into virtual discos at night to make money.

Francis said those individuals do not care that their neighbours have a right to enjoy a restful night.

“We have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of our property,” the Attorney at Law declared.

She acknowledged that some people would argue they can do what they want on their property.

Nevertheless, Francis explained that the neighbours have rights too.

She said noise pollution exists from loudspeakers, passing vehicles, and motorcycles.

According to the human rights campaigner, the situation has reached crisis level.

Francis advised setting up a Commission under comprehensive environmental legislation that would address matters including noise and environmental pollution.

“Persons who have complaints could go to that Commission rather than the court,” she told St. Lucia Times, adding that the right to health is a human right.

Francis also called for involving the Saint Lucia Bureau Of Standards regarding the importation of noise-polluting items.

In addition, she called out the Development Control Authority (DCA), accusing it of facilitating the breach of people’s rights to enjoy their homes peacefully.

“They permit persons to build, forgetting that adjoining properties have a right to enjoy their properties peacefully and sometimes those people have to spend their money to go to court to seek redress,” Francis stated.