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A Marigot resident says his brother’s last words to him after being stabbed were that he was ‘starting to black out’ and needed to go to the hospital

Eliseus Harper said he took his brother, Asher St. Rose to the medical facility.

Asher St. Rose – Deceased

But St. Rose did not survive the August 11, 2022 stabbing at Fond Mange, Marigot, allegedly at the hands of a female neighbour.

Harper told St Lucia Times that a post-mortem examination of the deceased determined that St Rose’s death was due to ‘stab to the chest and lungs’.

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According to Harper, Thursday’s examination found that his deceased brother had no organ or health issues.

Earlier, the deceased’s mother had disclosed that her son, who would have turned 24 in November, was preparing to leave Saint Lucia to take up a sailing job.

Suzanna Harper – Deceased’s Mother

He was due to leave Friday.

“Today was supposed to be a very joyful day for us and him. Instead, it is just the opposite. It is a sad day. He is not here to enjoy what he had been working so hard for and spending so much money towards,” his distraught brother told St Lucia Times.

“The incident should not have reached this extreme,” he lamented, adding that the family held a vigil for the deceased.

“He could not have left so we did something to show him if he is up looking at us, we did something to show him he was supposed to leave today, we showed him some respect. He wanted to leave today but not in that manner,” St. Rose’s brother explained.

The brother said the deceased had promised that when he got through with his job overseas, he would have made sure to take care of their mother and his nieces and nephews.

But Harper declared that the dream did not materialise.

Headline photo: Eliseus Harper – Deceased’s brother

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