Major grateful for Christmas Good Samaritan on Castle bus Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Major Denzel S Walcott is counting his blessings one by one and as he names them, first on the list, he is thanking God for the good Samaritan who returned his wallet over the weekend.

He took the Sam Lord’s Castle bus on Friday, December 16, and when he reached to his home, his wallet was nowhere to be found. After searching and retracing his steps he took a chance and called the Transport Board to see if his misplaced wallet was found on the bus and had been called in.

I’m excited that there are still good people in our country

The Major was hopeful as he made the first missing wallet report to the Transport Board supervisor. But with no call backs during the night, he placed a second report with Transport Board first thing on Saturday morning.

Standing before the Loop News journalist around midday on Saturday, December 17, at his station by the Salvation Army Kettle at Massy Stores Warrens, the Major was all smiles as he did a jig with his wallet in-hand. He said, “I have some good news I want to share with you…

“Today at 10 o’clock I got back my wallet.”

Showing that he not only got the wallet but he got it back with everything still inside, he shared, “I’m excited that there are still good people in our country, honest people.” He said he knows this is a huge gesture of kindness, “especially at this time of year, oh man!”. It was a couple of hours since he got his wallet, yet he still seemed to be in disbelief as he shook it and tapped it repeatedly.

The bus he caught was a private sector vehicle working in the TAP programme in conjunction with the Transport Board. To the driver who found the wallet and the supervisor at the Transport Board, he added, “I am so grateful to him [the driver]. He’s who found it…. And I also pay tribute to the Transport Board for making the effort for me to get back my wallet.”

Major Walcott is now a volunteer consultant with the Salvation Army, but for many years he served in the role of Community Relations Officer for the Army.