L’Express Des Îles To Launch New Inter-Island Vessel – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

L’ Express des Îles has announced plans to launch its biggest-ever vessel to sail the Caribbean Sea.

The launch will occur later this year.

The company declared in a news release that it intends to redefine travel in the Caribbean with the new vessel, providing unparalleled comfort and operational excellence.

The 60-metre-long catamaran was built in a Norway shipyard.

It has an advanced stabilisation system, full air conditioning, and several onboard refinements.

They include a duty-free retail area as well as food and beverage outlets.

The new vessel will accommodate 428 passengers and can take vehicles on board.

“Our commitment is not only to improve the reliability of our services on the Marie-Galante line and the international line to Dominica, Martinique, and Saint Lucia but also to stimulate growth and employment in the Caribbean, thus promoting a developing future for the community,” L’Express Des Îles President Moritz Bruns stated.

L’Express des Îles, based in Guadeloupe, has operated for 37 years.

Initially, the company offered rapid passenger transport services between Guadeloupe, Les Saintes and Marie Galante, French overseas territories.

However, in 1989, it expanded its services to Martinique and Dominica, then to Saint Lucia in 1994.

In 2024, the German group, FRS, which operates 60 ships in 40 countries, bought L’ Express des Îles.