Letter: Overworked offshore workers

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Persons onboard the ultra-deepwater drillship Noble Tom Madden

Dear Editor,

The oil & gas sector of Guyana has provided countless jobs to our locals, whether onshore or offshore. However, some offshore workers, particularly those employed by G-Boats Inc., are given an “all work no play” schedule.

Workers on G-Boats’ vessels are currently working a 28-56 days’ rotation, whereas they had signed on for a 28-28 rotation. Simply put, these seafarers are working 56 days offshore, and are home for 28 days. Per year, it’s equivalent to less than four months home and eight months offshore.

It may be argued that this is the “offshore life”, but the fact of the matter is this isn’t what they had initially signed on for. The rotation is mentally and physically strenuous, and can compromise the safety of offshore workers. It also means they are having less time to spend at home with their families or to undertake any sort of personal development, due to being at sea for such a long period of time.

These concerns were raised with those in authority, but nothing has been done to rectify the issue. Lost money can be recouped, but lost time cannot.

Sincerely,Concerned wife& mother