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A little over a year since the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) swept to power in general elections, Castries North MP and former Prime Minister, Stephenson King, has stressed the importance of protecting the victory.

King, the incumbent Castries North MP, ran as an Independent after quitting the then-ruling United Workers Party (UWP) shortly before the elections.

And after the SLP won, and King retained his seat, Prime Minister Pierre appointed him to the labour Cabinet.

“We all stand for the people and the country,” King told the 34th annual general meeting of Pierre’s Castries East Constituency Group on Saturday, prompting applause from the gathering.

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“And it is for this reason I am very comfortable and very confident in a government that is prepared and committed and has demonstrated that the people come first and our country must follow,” he asserted.

“And so, as you observe this 34th conference of the constituency branch, I want to state that is it important that we protect the victory. But it is equally important to preserve the victory,” the Castries North MP explained.

In this regard, he observed that preserving the victory must start with preserving the “soldiers” and the members who brought “this great party to victory.”

“The protection of the party must come by preserving the philosophy of the party. But the protection of the victory must come by preserving the ideals of a great organisation, which has demonstrated through decades, its commitment to the cause of the people,” King stated.

He acknowledged that he was not a member of the SLP and joined in the laughter that followed when some in the audience responded: “not yet”.

And King disclosed that despite not being labour member, over the years that he served in the UWP where he was a “foundation member” of its youth organisation, he maintained an excellent relationship with many who were at the Castries East Constituency Group annual general meeting, including the SLP political leader and current Prime Minister.

King explained that the reason for that is his commitment to the people and this country, to serve and protect and ensure the people benefit from the country’s wealth.

He also commended Prime Minister Pierre on his “astuteness” and ability to galvanize the SLP’s base and bring the party together.

The theme of the SLP event that King addressed was: Protecting the Victory.

Headline photo: Stephenson King as he addressed the Castries East Constituency Group meeting

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