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Transport Minister Stephenson King has expressed concern over the spate of road accidents in Saint Lucia and the resulting fatalities.

So far for the year, fourteen people have lost their lives due to road accidents, the most recent being Kurlan Martial of Desruisseaux.

Martial succumbed after a car ran off the main road and hit a concrete wall at Anse Ger, Desruisseaux on Saturday night.

“I am very concerned about the increasing numbers of road fatalities in this country,” Minister King told reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting on Monday.

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King, also responsible for Infrastructure, explained that his Ministry has been doing its best to educate Saint Lucians.

However, the Castries North MP acknowledged that there’s a need to do more.

“From the physical side, if you notice ever since my entry into the Ministry you have seen a tremendous improvement in crash barriers throughout the Island,” King observed.

And he said the Ministry is continuing to buy crash barriers for various locations.

The Minister also called attention to an improvement in street signs and markings.

“We are doing all of this, but I still believe there’s room for improvement. We need to be a little more proactive so that, on the part of the Ministry of Infrastructure we are continuing to do. However, I also believe that we need to at least appeal to motorists who use the roads but who so recklessly drive those roads and cause all of those fatalities,” King stated.

“I believe the public is becoming very agitated about this situation and they have every reason to be agitated,” King told reporters.

He explained that part of the response would be to look at some roads that seem to create an appetite for motorists who want to speed.

In this regard, he mentioned the Vigie stretch, currently under construction.

“ I believe as soon as it is finished we will put some speed bumps,” King said.

“Regardless of what the public says, it is not intended to be a race track. It has been used as a race track over the years on Sunday evenings et cetera, and the residents in the community have complained and I am very furious about it and so we will reduce this to the road, though a stretch, but certainly, with impediments to temper the traffic, he told reporters.

In addition, King said he would soon be meeting with the Transport Board.

He said the board has a part in agreeing to road instruments to manage traffic.

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