Kanye West Name-drops Drake & Jay-Z In Explosive Rant At Album Party

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Kanye West went on a wild rant at his Vultures album listening party in Las Vegas name-dropping artists like Jay-Z and Drake and brands like Adidas and Balenciaga.

Kanye West says that the CEO of Adidas, Jerry Lorenzo, is claiming that he is the “Light-skinned Ye,” as the rapper hinted that the company is trying to take over his persona in a new rant on Friday. Ye was very passionate as he spoke to a small group on Friday in Las Vegas about the treatment he’s received from Adidas and its CEO Lorenzo, who wants to become Ye. He called out artists in the industry, including Drake and Travis Scott, to support him.

“These Yeezus gon sell. They sabotaged the show today, they sabotaged Instagram, they cut off the f**king Adidas contract. They went and got light skin Ye. That’s Jerry that’s his name, light skin Ye, bro. Dead** he told me that’s his name. They want a light skin Ye, George Floyd, they wanted Virgil, they won’t let me speak at the funeral,” Kanye said about his relationship with Adidas.

Kanye West also added that he has received support from several artists like Tory Lanez but has not received support from Drake or Travis.

“Drake, I love you. Imma get the tattoo, but y’all Trav [Travis Scott] Drake, y’all gotta show up and don’t tell me I’m talking crazy,” the rapper said.

He continued that during the last days of Lanez’s trial, he was there for him.

“None a y’all entertainment n***as ever said nothing when I was praying to see my kids one of the last days of [Tory Lanez trial]…So Tory Lanez called me, we was saying prayers on the phone together and I pray that day and y’all saw that day and yall saw when I couldn’t see Chicago too… Don’t tell me about my f**king political opinion I made more money to show you that money ain’t nothing. It’s our money n**ga, it’s our country,” the rapper said.

In the meantime, the former presidential candidate also said to Trump that he’s not going to give him support “unless you get Larry out, unless you get Jeff out.”

The rapper also mentioned the Democrats failing to support the black community, Trump isn’t going to get automatic support, and he mentioned the pressure he’s received from the Jewish community and the “Rothschild.”

Among those who received shots were the Arnault brothers, Creative Director Demna, and Balenciaga.

“Drake, this is what you have been waiting for, Drake, Kim, when I first put the tweet up I was dealing with a divorce lawyer, and I explained to the lawyer what my issue was and his response was if you keep up this antisemitic rhetoric, then you won’t see your kids,” Kanye said.

The rapper is presently promoting his upcoming album Vultures. The project’s release date has not been identified as yet.