Jolly Christmas in Christ Church South Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Gifts and smiles galore were the order of the day as Christmas came early for the children of Christ Church South on Sunday, December 11.

Held at the grounds of the Halo Lounge, the Christ Church South Children’s Christmas fair brought joy to the faces of those who descended on the St Lawrence Gap complex.

The initiative, a collaboration between businessman Dean Serrao, managing director of the Sugar Ultra lounge complex, and Member of Parliament Ralph Thorne, sought to give back to the Christ Church community in a tangible way.

Not only did the festive treat include free entry, free food, as well as free rides and attractions but each child left with a gift, presented to them by a resident Santa. Many of them were left visibly awestruck as they ascended the stage stairs to collect their festively-wrapped presents. As they could be heard whispering “Thank you Santa” upon receiving their gifts and even had a photo opportunity next to him, it was clear that the gesture touched the hearts of many of the little ones present.

The afternoon celebration also provided tangible treats, but there was also a live entertainment package that included performances by Skye Yearwood, Mikey and Kirk Brown.

In his brief address, representative Ralph Thorne expressed his gratitude to Dean Serrao and his wife Laura for the seasonal gesture.

“This is the first St. Lawrence Children’s Fair and…I want to say thanks to Dean Serrao. This is largely Dean’s and Laura’s idea. In a sense, we are providing the people: the children… I want to assure you that you have done this for a set of people who are very, very happy that you have contributed this to the children,” he said.

In his Christmas message to those present, he encouraged them to do as their parents had done and instill those values which would create “rounded human beings”.

“Instilling values begins at home; it extends to the school and if you send them to church chances are you will have wonderful and beautiful children until they become adults,” he stated.

During the event, there were a variety of jumping tents lining the periphery, which the children merrily made use of. There was also a face painting station and a clown making a variety of balloon creations, much to the children’s amazement. A stationed Frosteez van also distributed free frozen treats during the almost five-hour-long event.