Jamaican Launches Vodka Made From Yam

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

News Americas, New York, NY, June 20, 2024: A Jamaican national has come up with a unique vodka, set to take the market by storm later this month.

Wait a Bit Vodka, a premium small-batch vodka crafted in Jamaica, has entered the market with a unique twist according to the Jamaica Observer. Made from select yellow yams grown by small farmers in the mountainside town of Wait a Bit, Trelawny, this vodka boasts a blend of local spring water from the Cockpit Country. Gluten-free and exceptionally fresh, Wait a Bit Vodka promises a high-quality spirit while supporting local farming initiatives.

Principal Lincoln Nicholson of Wait a Bit vodka.

Wait a Bit Distillers was founded by principal Lincoln Nicholson with a vision to produce premium quality spirits infused with authentic Jamaican flavors. The goal is to showcase these unique flavors to the world, starting with their flagship product, Wait a Bit Vodka. The ingredients for Wait a Bit Vodka are locally sourced, primarily within a 10-mile radius of the distillery in Trelawny. This proximity ensures freshness and supports the local farming community.

Wait a Bit Vodka is set to hit the market in late June 2024. It will be available at select retailers, offering consumers a taste of Jamaica’s finest small-batch vodka. True to its artisanal nature, Wait a Bit Vodka is crafted in small batches, with every aspect, including the packaging, done by hand. This attention to detail highlights the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The distillery’s first major breakthrough came after a tasting session with a well-known spirits company, which praised the high quality of the vodka. This endorsement has been a significant boost for the brand. The response to Wait a Bit Vodka has been overwhelmingly positive. Consumers appreciate the fresh taste and the use of locally sourced ingredients, which support small farmers in Jamaica.

Wait a Bit Distillers aims to grow its brand internationally, making Wait a Bit Vodka known for its exceptional quality and unique Jamaican yellow yam base. The journey has not been without challenges, especially with engineering works and operating in rural Jamaica. However, the company has embraced these hurdles, embodying the spirit of patience reflected in its name, Wait a Bit.

Jamaicans are encouraged to support Wait a Bit Vodka, a product made from locally grown yellow yams by hardworking farmers. The brand’s focus on quality and its roots in the local community make it a premium choice in the market.

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