Jada Kingdom Samples Aidonia, Burna Boy In Vicious Stefflon Don Diss Song

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jada Kingdom has kept to her word as she seemingly destroyed British Jamaican artiste Stefflon Don in a diss track “London Bed” response that came for her, her family, child, and even her relationship with Burna Boy.

On Tuesday, the Jamaican songstress wasted no time as she sampled audio from fellow dancehall artist Aidonia speaking about artists shouldn’t sleep with women who don’t inspire them to make songs and then a sample of Burna Boy’s lines from his “Talibans” remix with Byron Messia, where he says the “best pum pum deh a Kingston, say mi buy a Birkin fi Jada Kingdom.”

The beef is particularly sensitive as the women don’t seem to have any other issue except that both have dated Burna Boy. Stefflon and Burna Boy dated for three years and broke up in 2021, while Jada and Burna had a brief fling last year where she was spotted jet-setting with the artiste and wearing his chain.

Neither confirmed the relationship, but many felt that Burna Boy was confessing in his song with Byron Messia.

This week, Jada called out Stefflon Don about her song lyrics talking about boxing a woman for sleeping with her man and her selling sex. She never named Jada, but after the artists reacted, she changed her lyrics to name-drop Jada, which set off a lyrical back and forth between the artists.

In Jada’s song, she went for Steff’s throat as she insulted the rapper and even mentioned the reason for Burna Boy leaving Steff was because he didn’t want to be a stepfather to her child.

“Da little yamhead germs old gal yah man. Mi couldn’t make no waste boy trap me with no pickney that a you/ gwan go find yuh mumma big hole fi jump through/ Grow the f**k up, go argue wid yuh age group, you is a man clown and that a the sad truth. You say him c*cky small and him is a mama’s bwoy, likkle b**ch move on you must delulu,” Jada Kingdom sang.

She continued, “Yuh batty hole name London bed, yuh mouth f**k out that’s why the man leff. Buss a move and reach me any weh me deh. You coward like puss yuh nuh bad from noweh/ a likkle chump put a price pan yuh head/ you have a pedophile bredda and a dead dat di dead.”

Jada also revealed that Burna Boy was pillow-talking with her about Stefflon Don.

“Mi know say yuh hole done but mine can’t lend/ free f**k a rape good p***y muss sell/ the man tell mi say him never want be no stepfather a him yuh fi go cuss likkle eediat gal,” she sang.

Stefflon Don has not responded to Jada as yet.

Dancehall fans are giving Jada Kingdom thumbs up for her latest effort in responding to a gritty diss track from Stefflon Don that shook the dancehall community. “One Twinkle…… I Know You Would Have Delivered [fire emoji] Now Let’s Wrap This Up As WICKED GAL,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “Listening the words flow softly and everything on point, y’all should understand this is Jada flow ! Her music warms heart when she sings … the words are facts!!! And those are the things people should listen… really and truly a the gyal body and pretty face a mad them as far as me see it.”

“Silent killer She always so smooth with it. I dont think Steff can come back with anything to beat this. Jada win hands down,” one female wrote.