Jada Kingdom Reacts To Anthony B Trashing Beef With Stefflon Don

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Veteran reggae artiste Anthony B is not amused by the ongoing lyrical clash between dancehall heavyweights Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don as both women hurl insults at each other lyrically.

Many might find the entire clash amusing, and it can be entertaining as this is the first time in a long time that Jamaican dancehall artists have gone at it as they prove their penmanship, vocal versatility, and lyrical abilities are untouchable.

However, the wise ones in the music fraternity who understand the hard work it took to center reggae and dancehall as a genre globally view the beef as destructive to the culture as it paints the wrong picture of Jamaica and Jamaican music abroad.

Earlier this week, it was Sean Paul who called for peace and for the women to remember the important place women hold in Jamaican culture. Now, it’s Anthony B, who put his commentary in a song, “Wha Dat – woman ah fight over man?”

“War is in the air. One a drop bomb, one a drop nuclear and mi nuh want no war round here,” the artiste’s song opens.

“Me never hear Taylor Swift a war Lady Gaga, me never hear Mariah a war Madonna, so why we always a set up black woman fi war each other? What’s wrong with Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom mi nuh love it when a black woman get bring down. Two woman a war… no sah Dancehall nuh want that kind a syndrome, we want more income inna Kingston, Jamaican love when girl a have fun. So link up the ras for some Ganja tree gum,” the artiste said in his song.

The artiste also commented on the beef, noting that it is “pot a cuss kettle.”

The lyrical beef has no doubt brought fresh spotlight on dancehall. Some think it is good for the genre as more persons who were not aware of the music are now getting exposure, while others believe the newfound attention is likely to make a bad impression.In the meantime, Jada Kingdom laughed at Anthony B’s songwriting “Cho” in the comments with the laughing and fire emojis.