Island Bargains Offers Easier Alternative For Caribbean Nationals To Shop Online



CaribPR Wire, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Weds. April 13, 2016: The Caribbean region has become a major target audience for e-commerce and online merchants, such as Amazon, EBay, Wal-Mart, etc.   With internet penetration throughout the Caribbean islands at an all-time high, merchants are placing more value on these markets as potential customers.

However, as in the past, purchasing products and goods from the U.S. has not always been easy for the Caribbean residents.  With the high costs of shipping as well as the clearing and documentation fees upon arrival, it has always been quite challenging and expensive for islanders to shop online.

One company,, has quickly become the industry leader as the safest, easiest and most economical method of shipping online purchases, from the U.S. is based inSouth Florida with exclusive agents in over 40 different Caribbean and Latin American countries.  Together and their agent network, provide a low cost, all-inclusive method for islanders to ship their online purchases.   Whether, shipping via ocean or air freight, offers flat rate shipping services, which is sure to please every Caribbean shopper as well as the commercial businesses, throughout the Caribbean.

Operating from a 20,000 square foot warehouse, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Island Bargains receives thousands of online purchases a day from Caribbean shoppers.  Those packages are shipped out weekly to Island Bargains exclusive agents, who then clear the packages and distribute them to customers.  Home and business delivery is also offered by every agent.

Many Caribbean customers now enjoy the benefits of shopping online freely without the hassles and hidden costs of traditional shipping from the U.S.  One Caribbean business owner was quoted as saying: “Island Bargains has saved my business thousands of dollars each year on shipping expenses and has made my business much more profitable.”

With Island Bargains, Customs clearing and documentation fees are always included in the flat rate shipping service.   Islanders just pay local duties upon arrival.  Island Bargains also provides a one stop pick up and pay service, so shopping online and shipping goods from the U.S., has never been easier or more affordable.

Island Bargains does not charge a sign-up fee nor do they require a minimum amount to ship.  In fact, Island Bargains has a signature package, which is only ten dollars, thus allowing Caribbean customers to buy cell phones, shoes, parts, etc.  from any U.S. merchant and have that package shipped to them for a flat ten dollars, (plus any local duties required).  Island Bargains also ships appliances, automobiles, boats and commercial equipment.

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