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Opportunities to work abroad continue to increase for Caribbean jobseekers, as a trend of foreign workers looking to this region to recruit continues.

According to Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO Joseph Boll, this trend will continue for the foreseeable future and it’s up to Caribbean businesses to make their best move.

“The data is clear: Caribbean labour is in high demand,” said Boll.

“Several of our region’s countries have long partnered with international bodies to facilitate employment programmes, but what we’re seeing now is something new. International labour market challenges that came about due to the pandemic are playing out in an unprecedented way in the Caribbean labour market and it’s both interesting and something to look out for.”

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Caribbean Employment Services Inc., a market-leading online talent acquisition service, has been closely monitoring these developments.

We recently noted a marked uptick in foreign companies specifically turning to the Caribbean to recruit new workers.

This is especially the case for the United Kingdom, which has been dealing with severe labour shortages.

However, it also applies for businesses in the United States.

Most recently, a North American company is seeking Barbadians to sign on for hospitality jobs based in the United States as part of the US Hospitality Workers’ Programme.

However, at the same time, this means Caribbean workers are in the ideal position to takeadvantage of attractive work abroad opportunities.

Just within the past few months alone, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. has noted competitive recruitment in the Caribbean from employers in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Most employers are offering full relocation packages and even attractive sign-on bonuses.Caribbean Employment Services Inc. noted that this could be a beneficial opportunity forCaribbean natives to secure high-paying jobs in foreign currencies that may be stronger than or on par with that of their own home country.

Boll noted, however, that this does not mean Caribbean employers should throw in the towel.

“Several major workforce studies have shown that workers today value more than justmoney on the job,” the CEO noted. “While local businesses may say they can’t compete with the US dollar, for example, there are other ways you can show your prospective and current employees that they matter and why they should stay. This is a key opportunity foremployers to listen to their workers and find innovative ways to fulfill their needs.”

Source: Caribbean Employment Services Inc.

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