‘I Lost Everything!’ – Arson Suspected In Ravine Chabot Fire – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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A Ravine Chabot, Castries, fire victim, suspects arson in a blaze that broke out at his home Wednesday evening.

The man, who preferred anonymity out of fear for his safety, said he locked up his home and left for work when he received a call informing him about the fire.

“I lost everything,” the sole occupant of the dwelling house declared.

He said that nothing was saved despite the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) efforts.

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The fire victim told reporters he suspected people trying to get at him were responsible for the fire.

“Since I was not there, the house took the punishment,” he asserted.

The victim recalled living alone after his brother, the heir, left to live elsewhere after individuals beat him up and stole items from the property.

“The same people that accosted him, threw him down, take everything that he had in the house – weed eaters – the house was filled with everything that we needed and so we lost everything we had. Now, we lost the house. I think the same people that was trying to get to me, but since I wasn’t there, the house took the punishment,” he lamented.

“I believe it was an act of arson because I don’t leave any lights on. I don’t leave any stove on,” the Ravine Chabot resident explained.

“Everyday, I go to work and find the house how it is. It is somebody that trailing my everyday moves,” he declared.

“I could have been dead,” the victim stated.

He explained that he had become the target since his brother was no longer at the house.

However the victim said although he lost everything, he could stay in one of the apartments in another building on the estate.

“I have several apartments there. I can sleep in anything I want there, but is just to say we don’t have any power and water for the time being,” the Ravine Chabot resident told reporters.

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