Hospitals are not day-care facilities, says Tufton Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton is again warning people not to leave their elderly or infirm loved ones at hospital over the holidays, as they risk being outed.

For years, individuals have abandoned their elderly loved ones at hospitals, taking advantage of a law that prevents administrators at the health care facilities from discharging the individuals who have been left there.

This, in turn, has caused hospitals to expend resources on these individuals, some of whom are healthy.According to Tufton, they take up bed space and have to be fed and attended to by medical staff, often depriving patients who are genuinely ill.

“Every year, we appeal around that. I have been a minister for nearly seven years, so it has been a recurring theme this time of year. The reality is part of our cultural practice for some loved ones/guardians to drop their relatives to the hospital,” he said.

Tufton said elderly individuals are dropped off by their caregivers, who would go off to have a hassle-free festive season.

“Now that is not in keeping with the spirit of the season biblically, morally or otherwise. The hospitals are not a day-care facility.

Tufton said that a hospital is a place of safety and, as such, they cannot put persons on the street.

“We don’t put people on the street, and we cannot put people on the street; legally and morally, it is the wrong thing to do,” Tufton said.

The minister appealed to people to make alternative arrangements for their elderly loved ones.

“The truth is many of these persons were good to you. These are senior citizens who may live their lives supporting the persons who are now responsible for them, and that kind of treatment betrays, I think, the responsibility that you have,” he said.

Tufton warned that they would be exposing people who dump their loved ones at hospitals.

“We want to discourage that because that is not a good practice. And, if we have evidence of it we’ll call you out on it,” he said.