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Helen’s Daughters is doing its part to reduce water insecurity in Saint Lucia, with theprovision of 1,000-gallon water tanks to several of the organization’s members on farmsacross Saint Lucia.

The non-profit organization which seeks to mobilize rural women through empowerment and entrepreneurship recently launched an internal campaign, encouraging members to create amateur videos explaining their need for a water source on their farms.

In the end, ten (10) women were provided with the tanks at no cost.

“Just two months ago, Saint Lucia went ten days straight with no water. This can mean onething for a household but can be even more detrimental to a farmer. For us, we had farmers who lost their entire crop, resulting in no income coming in. Therefore, Helen’s Daughters tried to adapt to climate change, and to support our ‘FarmHer’ community, we donated ten water tanks to ladies speckled throughout the island, and hope that this initiative continues every year”, remarks Keithlin Caroo, Executive Director of Helen’s Daughters.

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Members of Helen’s Daughter are expected to put their new pieces of equipment intoimmediate use, with one member expressing “The tank is very important to me. When it’sthe rainy season, the water is sometimes dirty after five days. This will allow me to water my seedlings.”

Helen’s Daughters notes that female farmers are posed with more challenges includingwater insecurity. Therefore, the organization sought funding to purchase the water tanks and pay for their installation on farms across the island.

All water tanks were sourced from local manufacturer Brice & Co Ltd who provided the organization with a discounted price on each tank.

“Partnering with Helen’s Daughters creates an exceptional avenue to boost and change the overall agricultural experience of our rural women. Brice & Company is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Helen’s Daughters as we understand the need for effective and safe water security,” notes Della Daniel, administrator of Brice & Co Ltd’s GrosIslet Office.

This water tank initiative is the latest in a series of activities being implemented by Helen’sDaughters with the overall aim of empowering Saint Lucia’s female farming population.

SOURCE: Helen’s Daughters. Headline photo: One of the recipients a tank donation.

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