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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The Southern Minibus Association is mourning the death of one of its members, who succumbed on Friday after a collision involving his minibus and a panel van in Bexon.

Roger Joseph was among three individuals pronounced dead at the scene.

The others were an adult female identified as Shani Willie and an infant.

The President of the Southern Minibus Association, Marcellinus Faisal, has expressed his condolences to the friends and relatives of those who died.

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And he told St Lucia Times that the deceased bus driver had been driving for over a decade.

“He was a model driver. He was one of our good drivers – always a cool and quiet guy,” Faisal recalled.

“He was one of our best drivers, and we are very sad to lose somebody like him on our bus stand,” Faisal stated.

He disclosed that there are plans to honour Joseph’s memory by, among other things, observing two minutes of silence on Monday.

Faisal declared that the deceased was a safe driver.

“You could ask the traveling public. He was not a reckless driver. He was a really good driver. I never had complaints about him from any passenger about him,” the Southern Minibus Association President told St Lucia Times.

Faisal disclosed that Roger Joseph used to drive a vehicle belonging to someone else but recently received a Route Band and bought his own minibus last year.

“It is very sad to know that the man just started, had his own vehicle and died like that,” he lamented.

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