Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry Resigns – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned amid an ongoing security and humanitarian crisis in his country.

Henry is stranded in Puerto Rico after armed gangs in Haiti prevented him from returning home.

His resignation came as Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders met international stakeholders in an emergency session to discuss the Haitian situation.

CARICOM Chairman, Guyana President Dr. Irfaan Ali, announced a commitment to a transitional governance arrangement, paving the way for a peaceful power transition and free and fair elections.

Ali told a news conference that the transition arrangement seeks to ensure that the rule of law governs Haiti.

“This commitment reflects hard compromises among a diverse coalition of actors who have put their country above all differences,” the CARICOM Chairman told the news conference.

Ali announced an agreement on a presidential council comprising seven voting members and two non-voting observers.

“The council will exercise specified presidential authority during the transition, operating by majority voted,” the CARICOM Chairman stated.

The council would exclude individuals, including anyone currently facing a charge, indictment, or conviction in any jurisdiction, and anyone under United Nations sanctions or intending to run in the next Haiti elections.

“The transitional presidential council will swiftly select and appoint an interim prime minister,” Ali explained.

He also said the council and the interim prime minister would appoint an ‘inclusive council of ministers.’

In addition, Ali told reporters that the council would hold the ‘relevant and possible powers of the Haitian presidency’ during the transition period until the election of a government.