Group Urges End To Hair-Based Discrimination, Says Students Being Denied Access To Education – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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RE: Ministry to Education to Review Existing Grooming Positions at Schools on the Island

Hair Us Out! welcomes the Ministry of Educations’ Press Release outing their intention toreview the exiting grooming positions at schools across the island.

On Monday 05th September, the first day of school for many students was marred by bans,denials, and on their face human rights abuses which contravene the UN Charter on the Right of a Child.

In light of this unfolding situation, Hair Us Out! has unconfirmed reports of over 30 instances across the island where “grooming” rules were used to deny access to Primary &Secondary educational institutions which the Ministry of Education funds.

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In one instance, the denial of access has elevated the parents of the banned child to seek an injunction thorough the legal and judicial system.

With just under 3,000 signatories to the Petition to end hair discrimination – Hair Us Out! knows all too well the importance of this matter to principals, parents, and children.

Hair Us Out! would also like to highlight that children are still being denied their right to aneducation – and that right is their constitutional right under the laws of Saint Lucia.

So that while we discuss and until things are determined – Hair Us Out! would like to demand that those children should be allowed immediate access to their education without any additional rules and stipulations which would unfairly discriminate and identify them from the student body.

Hair Us Out! is a coalition of diverse people of an ideological background, who support policies and laws to end hair-based discrimination in Saint Lucia.

We hereby look forward to the Ministry’s invitation to our coalition to discuss this very urgent and important matter affecting the lives of parents and children across our island state.

SOURCE: Hair Us Out!

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