Equity Ministry Bemoans Senseless Acts Of Violence In Saint Lucia – St. Lucia Times News

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Minister for Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment Hon. Joachim Henry is again lamenting the callous view of, and lack of appreciation for life, exhibited largely by the nation’s youth, that he says has resulted in the wanton and senseless acts of crime and violence in Saint Lucia.

The Minister’s comments come on the heels of mounting incidents of gun and other violent crimes that have so far left a significant number of Saint Lucians dead.

According to Minister Henry, “As a nation, we desperately need to remind the people who are engaging in these senseless acts of violence that LIFE, as we know it, is naturally short for all of us and that we are only making it even shorter when we constantly turn to the gun and cutlass and other violent means to resolve conflict.”

Minister Henry reflected on the relatively small population of the island and bemoaned the fact that as a country, so many of the nation’s promising individuals with the capacity to contribute meaningfully to society, were being cut short due to needless and senseless acts of violence.

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“We are not a large population. On the world scene there are just a few of us here on island and a handful in the diaspora. We are not a nation at war for gold, oil, other natural resources or at conflict with other nations. Based on that fact, the killings we are witnessing on an almost daily basis are absolutely not necessary and must stop,” stated Henry.

As Minister with responsibility for Ecclesiastical Affairs, Minister Henry went on to underscore the precious nature of life, noting that, “Life is a gift from God, and that humans were not created to take the lives of other humans.”

Minister Henry again called on all in society to learn to resolve conflicts and differences without the use of violence.

He said his Ministry will continue to spare no effort at designing and implementing social interventions that will steer people and the most vulnerable in society away from crime and violence.

SOURCE: Ministry for Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment. Headline photo: Stock image.

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