‘Enough Of The Untruths’ – Lewis Calls Out Chastanet Over Government Revenue Claims – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has come under fire from Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s Press Secretary Maundy Lewis over claims regarding government revenue.

On Tuesday, Chastanet took to Facebook to address the latest fuel hikes and renew calls for cost of living relief.

He asserted that with the easing of COVID-19 protocols locally and in many of Saint Lucia’s key source markets, the Government’s revenue is now close to $100 million a month.

According to the former Prime Minister, it’s $40 million more than his administration had one year ago.

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“Government’s revenue has increased whilst the purchasing power of citizens is decreasing on a daily basis. Doesn’t this call for some intervention on the part of the Government?” Chastanet said.

However, the PM’s Press Secretary responded in a Facebook post dubbed ‘Mathematical Incompetency Or Moral Bankruptcy By The Leader Of The Opposition?’

Maundy Lewis stated that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration is not collecting $100 million in revenue monthly.

“But since the Leader of the Opposition is claiming such, is he, therefore, admitting to the stellar managerial competencies by Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre?” Lewis wrote.

In addition, she noted that a simple call to the Ministry of Finance, still staffed as Chastanet left it, would reveal the ‘simple computations’ for monthly revenue on petroleum.

According to Lewis, the Mathematics would show that there is a revenue shortfall of $3.0 million compared to the $3.9 million projected from the budgeted tax rate of $3.50/gallon.

“Therefore, the government is only collecting $900,000 per month,” the Press Secretary explained.

She declared that the truth remains a stranger to Chastanet.

“We have had enough of the untruths,” Lewis stated.

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