Drug Prevention Action Thriller Novel to be Released in French Edition

Books That Will Enhance Your Life Due to Release Author John A. Andrews’ Bestseller Rude Buay … The Unstoppable in French Edition

 HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Prolific, national bestselling author John A. Andrews, known for his twisted and gritty writing style in his hit title Rude Buay … The Unstoppable, will not only release its sequel Rude Buay … The Untouchable in March 2012, but will follow it up with Rude Buay…L’irresistible, the French edition. Thus making his hard hitting novel available in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and French, on time for the London Book fair in April 2012.

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Andrews, a visionary, saw the need to translate Rude Buay … The Unstoppable in different languages after signing the thriller around the country and Puerto Rico. According to the author, now on a Multiple Titles Book Tour signing his memoir When The Dust Settles – I am Still Standing: A True Hollywood Story: “Fiction readers not only love engaging page turners, but written in a print easy to read and a language easiest for them to understand.” Andrews will also release two additional Law Enforcement type novels next year: Cross Atlantic Fiasco and Who Shot The Sherriff?

 Rude Buay … The Unstoppable, the first in his Rude Buay Series, not only comes embedded with scenes in the martial arts genre but is sprinkled with patois, a dialect used by Jamaicans, and people from most English/French colonized countries. This French translation will not only provide French readers the thriller in their own language, but continue to expand the international flavor of the Series.

The film project Rude Buay … The Unstoppable is currently being developed and could possibly merge for a two picture production with its upcoming sequel Rude Buay … The Untouchable, according to A L I – Andrews Leadership International.

Rude Buay … The Unstoppable is set in Jamaica, Miami and Colombia and is a blend of Traffic meets Casino Royale with Charlie’s Angels – gone corrupt. Its sequel Rude Buay … The Untouchable is set in China, Jamaica, Miami and Colombia, with a flavor of Blow meets Live and Let Die with Training Day – unplugged.

If both titles merge for a shared location shoot, the Rude Buay Series could wind up joining the league of successful films like Lord of The Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean – both shot on shared locations.

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