DJ Black Boi Defends Shenseea Amid Jada Kingdom Comparison

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Shenseea’s DJ Black Boi is hitting out at critics over her Dutty Money sample this week. The artiste hopped on the trend and released an unfinished sample with two verses.

Dutty Money Riddim has been trending since dancehall super producer Rvssian revamped his Go Go Club Riddim in December and released many new hits from artists like Rajah Wild, Nigy Boy, Govana, and many others.

Several artists like Brysco have also released their ‘unauthorized’ samples. The latest track on the riddim, “Continent” by Nigy Boy, a blind artiste, has also gone viral as the No. 1 track in Jamaica on Spotify.

Others like Macka Diamond and Shenseea also previewed their own songs on the beat. Shortly after Shenseea released her track, her one-time nemesis, Jada Kingdom, also released her version. If you’ve been following these two female dancehall artists careers over the past decade then you would already know they were once bitter rivals.

The “GPP” artiste’s fanbase was quick to compare their music. “Jada could wash, rinse and hang up Shenseea to dry if she wanted to do that,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“If we being honest; Shenseea. If we trying to punish shen for ‘switching up’ Jada,” another person said.

“Naaa Jada fire but shenseea got that,” another said.

“Jada is so much better than Shenseea,” one person.

However, it seems that Shenseea’s team is annoyed at the comparisons.

“So Shenseea a the female leader and unnu a follower then [laughing emoji] okay I see,” one person said.

“I care zero weh nuh body wah seh. If Shenseea never leak a song on dutty money riddim. We wouldn’t hear all these other female artists kmft. So a shen unnu a wait pon then fi see weh she a come with [laughing emojis] okay test dummies unnu nuh have a mind a unnu own a big faith this,” he added.

via Black Boi Instagram

Shenseea has not reacted to the post or the reactions. However, she and Jada buried the hatchet years ago and didn’t appear to have any issues with each other. As for Shenseea, she and Rvssian are not following each other on social media.

There are speculations that they fell out over her ‘Alpha’ album release last year.