Dean Jonas accused of threatening bullets

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Election campaign efforts got heated on December 30 when ABLP candidates clashed with members and supporters of opposing parties.

In a viral video shared late Friday night, at a residence in Pares where both politicians happened to be campaigning, Prime Minister Gaston Browne was heard threatening to punch his former running mate, now independent candidate, Asot Michael, in the face should his personal space be further invaded.

Furthermore, earlier Friday evening, a UPP supporter, Marlon Davis, whilst driving an announcement vehicle for the UPP candidate for St George was allegedly caught in traffic behind a black truck supposedly driven by ABLP candidate Dean Jonas that was also playing political announcements in the New Winthorpes area.

After being stuck behind the truck for approximately 10 minutes, Davis claims that Jonas turned his vehicle to cut off traffic at the junction near the New Winthorpes playing field before drawing his gun and allegedly threatening to shoot, having apparently been upset by the material the UPP campaign vehicle was playing at the time.

A bystander from another vehicle purportedly stepped out to prevent any further altercations by addressing Jonas’ actions and both parties departed from the scene.

We have confirmed that a formal report has been made at the Coolidge Police Station but further details are pending investigation at this time.

Police spokesperson Inspector Frankie Thomas was also contacted and said that case investigators would have to provide him with an update before any official comment could be given.

We have also approached Jonas for comments. They have not yet been forthcoming.

We will follow up with more details as they become available.

SOURCE: Observer