CSSN: Saint Lucia Dominated Regional Reports Of Violent Crimes Against Yachts – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The Caribbean Safety and Security Net (CSSN), in its 2022 annual release, said Saint Lucia dominated regional reports regarding violent crimes against yachts.

“Violent activity was concentrated in St. Lucia with overall incidents spread broadly,” according to the CSSN annual report.

“Assault and robbery (5) occurred in the area centered near Soufriere,” the document stated.

CSSN asserted that local officials were slow to respond over several months and made no arrests.

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However, it acknowledged that the authorities reinstated and increased patrols in the Soufriere Marine Management (SMMA) area.

The organisation reported that 2022 saw an overall rise in reported yacht crimes in the region from 102 to 121, a 19% increase.

CSSN’s report observed a broad spread of incidents.

It said Saint Vincent and the Grenadines returned to its top position with 26 reports, one of them violent.

CSSN also said Martinique had seventeen reports, one of which was violent, and Panama had ten reports, including one that was violent.

 Saint Lucia had ten reports, half of which involved violence.

In addition, Dutch Sint reported eight non-violent yacht crimes, while French St. Martin reported seven.

“Dinghies and outboards remain the primary target for thieves. Cruisers have upgraded elements of dinghy security, but lifting overnight and robust locking systems have not become universal,” CSSN stated.

 It revealed that even as cruisers have upgraded, so have thieves at times arriving well prepared with their own tools. 

According to the CSSN annual report, video surveillance at dinghy docks remains uncommon. 

“Theft remains largely a crime of opportunity with too many dinghies left poorly secured with simple padlocks and cable. Even lifted dinghies are within the reach of determined thieves, making lifting and secure locking the best practice,” the report said.

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