Crime Hotline App Launched By The Police To Boost Fight Against Crime – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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On Tuesday, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force launched a Crime Hotline App to boost the fight against crime amid a surge in deadly gun violence.

According to the police, the app, developed by an officer, is user-friendly.

A vetted police team trained to handle sensitive information would examine and manage the data the app receives, including text, photos, and voice notes.

The police also released a promo for the new initiative.

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“The fight against crime is ever so challenging,” Police Commissioner Cruscita Descartes-Pelius told the launching ceremony.

“As a result, we need to be proactive as it relates to how we deal with information received,” she explained.

“In the use of technology, we are creating a culture of security and awareness,” Descartes-Pelius stated.

She said educating people about using the app and its purpose would result in significant strides in crime-fighting efforts.

The Police Commissioner declared that failure to use technology would make it almost impossible to deal with the scourge of criminal activities effectively.

She encouraged the public to use the Crime Hotline App to inform the police to make communities safer.

“We beg of you to use this app. It will make a great change,” Descartes-Pelius stated.

Individuals who use the app can give information anonymously.

Deputy Police Commissioner Dr. Mashama Sealy explained that the app does not pull the user’s IP address or other information.

“The only information we would have is whether the information comes from an Apple phone or an Android phone, and that is mainly because of the two platforms that are being used – Apple Store and Google Play Store,” Sealy told reporters.

She also said the app does not require input of personal information, email, or phone numbers, thereby protecting the user’s identity.

“There’s no personal information that you have to input to download the app. You scan, it shows up, you install, and that’s it,” the Deputy Police Commissioner stated.

Regarding a crime in progress though, Sealy said the police would want immediate information.

As a result, she said it would be better to call the 555 anonymous hotline rather than sitting and typing the information, which would take time.

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