Crew Of Suspicious Vessel Dumps Suspected Drugs Off Guadeloupe – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The crew of a suspicious boat dumped suspected drugs west of Guadeloupe after attempting to evade the French Navy surveillance vessel Ventôse.

The Forces Armées Aux Antilles Facebook page said the incident occurred during the night of December 16.

According to the Facebook release, the suspicious boat had no visible identifying marks, followed an erratic course, and did not respond to radio enquiries.

The release said the boat dumped cargo overboard, which sank before it could be recovered.

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But based on information provided by authorities in Colombia, the French Navy believes it prevented the shipment of an estimated one ton of narcotics from entering the illicit Caribbean and European markets.

In 2022, the French armed forces in the Caribbean made nine drug seizures, representing more than 5 tons of narcotics.

Headline photo from Forces Armées Aux Antilles Facebook page.

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