COVID-19: NGP Leader Condemns ‘Heartless’ Employers Over Vaccine Mandates

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The National Green Party (NGP) leader, Andre de Caires, has condemned private businesses and organisations that have mandated COVID-19 vaccination for their staff. At the same time, he observed that the government does not support such a measure.

In a statement to St Lucia Times, de Caires observed that while mandating vaccines, those private businesses and organisations refuse to accept liability for any adverse effects.

“We at the National Green Party view these draconian actions by these particular organisations and businesses as cruel, unethical and downright heartless,” the NGP leader asserted.

“For employers to totally disregard the concerns and fears of their staff is inhumane, as the announcement of these mandates has caused much anxiety and stress among workers islandwide,” he observed.

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“To force, bully and blackmail staff into taking the vaccine, for forcing their staff to make the choice between having the shot or losing their job is blackmail,” de Caires expressed.

“It is an infringement on the basic rights of the individuals to choose what medical procedure can be performed on their being,” de Caires declared.

According to him, only heartless employers who lack empathy will do this to employees who have families to feed, bills to pay, and loans to service, having worked unvaccinated throughout the pandemic.

The NGP leader explained that lockdowns had utterly wiped out the savings of many of the employees.

In addition, he said it is clear that the vaccines are not working as the experts had promised.

The NDP leader’s complete statement appears below:

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