Contracts awarded to construct 13 bridges along Linden-Lethem route

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Awardees with the officials from the Public Works Ministry

The Public Works Ministry on Friday awarded several contracts in keeping with the Government’s vision of building for the future, which included 13 bridges along the Linden to Lethem route.

Along the Linden to Lethem Road, contracts were signed for the construction of 13 bridges from Mabura Hill to Kurupukari. This year, contracts for 32 bridges were already awarded to the tune of $3.19 billion from Kurupukari to Lethem.

Public Works Minister Juan Edghill shared that timber bridges are being replaced with structures that will sport a longer lifespan. This is especially for continued accessibility along the Linden-Lethem route.

“We are putting in resilient infrastructure as it relates to our bridges. We have to take out the timber bridges that we have traditionally used and put in things that are going to last us…Today, we are signing off on contracts for all the remaining bridges,” Edghill underlined.

In the Maritime Administration, work is continuing to encourage safety as well as preparation for the incoming ferry for the North-West District. In this light, contracts were awarded for beacons to be installed and works at the wharves to accommodate the MV Ma Lisha.

The vessel will be sailing later this month and works are to be done at Morawhanna, Port Kaituma, Mabaruma and Kingston wharves.

“We have to do some adjustments at the Transport and Harbour Wharf at Kingston. This will just be the first wharf…but importantly, we are starting here at the Kingston wharf and we’re getting work done.”

The Minister warned that when these projects are being carried out, stakeholders should not be affected for a long period of time. With these bridges being constructed, he shared that trucks should still be able to traverse.

“We can’t have these kinds of complaints…So, we should be sensible in our approach in ensuring that when we interrupt people’s lives, it’s not for long periods…The trucks got to continue to pass so we have to be able to ensure that bypasses are in place. Traffic has to continue to flow,” the Minister asserted.

In this light, higher community engagement was called for so that they understand the developmental works taking place.

He stressed, “People understand when we communicate. When we don’t communicate and they don’t understand, we have problems…Some people only see the small picture, which is the one in front of them. They don’t see the connections. They don’t understand networking. Don’t go into communities and start work and don’t talk to the people.”

“We are not there to pick a fight. We are here to bring development. We are not there to interrupt people’s lives. We are here to bring improvement and benefits. And through that engagement, they’ll be able to understand that.”